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Resource Category Topic Type
Adult Skate Trainer
Adult size skate trainer, 41" tall.
Ice Skating Resource
Advance Mobility Stroller
The Advance Mobility Stroller is made for walking, jogging, or running. It easily folds for storing or transporting and is designed for large children and small adults.
Racing Wheelchair, Sports Chair Resource
Boccia Balls and Ramps
Two sets of leather Boccia balls for Paralympic Boccia.
Accessories Resource
Cages can be interchanged on any of our water skis and fit to maximize ability on the water. We also have additional options for back support.
Water Skis: Sit Down Resource
Catrike Expedition
One of our more lightweight, higher performance tadpole trikes.
Cycle: Foot Pedaled Resource
Connelly Crossfire Combos
The shaped design of the Crossfire offers novice skiers the chance to sharpen their skills on a very forgiving, stable pair of skis. The wide tip and tail allow for quick planing and effortless deep water starts. Great for beginners.
Water Skis: Stand Up Resource
De-Bug Beach Wheelchair
The balloon tires make the De-Bug great to use on sandy beaches and the De-Bug offers full support including a headrest and footrest.
Beach Equipment Resource
Folding Everyday Chair
We offer several different makes and models of Everyday Wheelchairs. These chairs fold in half for easy storage and transportation. Long term rentals available.
Everyday Wheelchair Resource
Frank Mobility Duet
The Duet is a wheelchair tandem that allows the front rider to enjoy cycling safely, with the back rider doing the work of pedaling and steering. The Duet does come apart easily (quick-release) for easier transport.
Cycle: Tandem Resource
Freedom Concepts DCP16 (Foot Cycle)
From Freedom Concepts: From those with simple balance problems to more involved cases of cerebral palsy, spina bifida, down syndrome, head injury, muscular dystrophy, autism, and little people, Discovery offers therapy and fun.
Cycle: Junior Resource