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The Scott family has been in the pet food business since 1961 when Jim Scott Sr. purchased Old Mother Hubbard® dog biscuit company and along with his son Jim Jr. grew the local business into a hugely successful pet food empire.

It would be years later, after Jim Jr.’s sons, Jim III and Andy, acquired traumatic injuries from separate accidents that the Scotts would come up with a revolutionary idea for a new pet food company called RAWZ. 

Throughout their sons’ respective recoveries Jim and Janet Scott realized the amazingly positive impact the family dog Boomer had on their lives during those difficult times.  It was this realization that spawned the idea for RAWZ, a new pet food company providing the highest level of natural nutrition for pets with 100% of the profits supporting three causes closest to the Scotts’  hearts; service dogs, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.

Jim Scott III joined his parents in their commitment to improving the lives of people and pets at RAWZ's inception. RAWZ has developed an all natural dry pet food with minimal processing that is as close to a raw protein diet as possible without the concerns and complications of a raw meat feeding regimen.

The Scott Family has been actively supporting Northeast Passage for years since Andy Scott was a member of the NEP Wildcats Sled Hockey Team.  Their selfless generosity has recently evolved into one of Northeast Passage’s largest sponsorships with RAWZ choosing Northeast Passage as one of five beneficiaries alongside NEADS, Spaulding Rehab, NSD and the Krempels Center.

Learn more about RAWZ Natural Pet Food, the Scott family and their philanthropic efforts at www.rawznaturalpetfood.com or find where to purchase RAWZ here.

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