Community Based Recreational Therapy

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The Northeast Passage Community-Based Recreational Therapy (C-BRT™) program is an individualized goal-based recreation therapy intervention that embraces this whole person approach to health management.

We believe that health is more than the absence of physical disease or disability, but rather includes important aspects of physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.  We have listened to people talk about their experience with disability and recognize that changes in health status and mobility can pose significant challenges and adjustments for individuals, as well as within families and friendships. 

This program is designed to take place in the community where you live and work and address physical, social, and emotional health goals.

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Different than working with healthcare providers in an office setting, this real world/real time approach to creating solutions for active and engaged living takes the guess work out of what happens when you go home or are discharged from care.  Our practitioners are nationally certified and New Hampshire licensed recreation therapists (CTRS/L) with a strong history of working with individuals across the disability spectrum including individuals with physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and behavioral health needs.

While the work we will do together is built around having fun, it is also a therapeutic modality grounded in World Health Organization’s international classification of functioning (ICF) and is at the forefront of healthcare trends that emphasize prevention strategies and supporting a person in developing functional skills that support active living and community access as part of  personal health management.

Reasons for success

  • Real-world, real-time problem solving
  • Collaborative strengths-based approach
  • Community setting decreases transition
  • Relevant and meaningful goals
  • 6 month time frame develops sustainable healthy behavior

How does it work?

A Northeast Passage recreation therapist (RT) will meet with you to complete an initial assessment.  During this assessment, your RT will talk with you about your health conditions, interests, personal strengths, and local resources.  They will also use standardized assessment tools as part of a collaborative process to identify your goals, and a plan for achieving them, while working together.

Follow up appointments are used to work on achieving these goals.  During these appointments you and your RT will be in the community actively engaged in recreation. At the same time, you will also likely be creating community connections, learning about equipment, developing skills, and aspects of yourself that support continued active participation and support a healthier you.

Some areas of focus include

  • Physical health management
  • Confidence
  • Autonomy and Independence
  • Adapting
  • Changing mobility needs
  • Navigating the community
  • Connection and trust
  • Self-care/Coping
  • Lived expression of personal values
  • Responding to family and social roles
  • Managing transition
  • Free time planning
  • Strategies for mental health
  • Recovery


How is it funded?

Northeast Passage Community-based RT services can be approved on an individual basis as part of a time-limited intervention to increase meaningful community engagement through the NH 1915c Home and Community Based Services Waivers. 

We are currently a Community Care provider for the Veterans Administration (VA).  We also accept out of pocket payment and will work with you and your insurer if you have out of network benefits that will cover this healthcare intervention.

Over the years we have had different funding mechanisms for this service from grant sources as well as some success with third-party reimbursement. We are continually working hard to build sustainable funding through third party payment.