Teaching & Research

  • Volunteers and staff working with tools

We take pride in preparing the next generation of therapists at the University of New Hampshire through practical classroom and living lab teaching. We also conduct clinical research demonstrating the efficacy of our work and new advances in the field of Therapeutic Recreation.

Students from the University of New Hampshire and beyond are welcome to join us for job shadowing and volunteer opportunities, tours of the office space, and practicum placements.   We accept student interns looking for an internship experience in therapeutic recreation under the supervision of one of our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists (CTRS).

Courses Taught by Northeast Passage Staff

RMP 500: Therapeutic Recreation Methods in Physical Rehabilitation Setting
RMP 613: Interventions and Documentation in Therapeutic Recreation
RMP 615: Clinical Applications in Therapeutic Recreation
RMP 664:  Recreation Management and Policy Internship
RMP 720/820: Adaptive Sports and Recreation Facilitation
RMP 963: Field Practicum for Adaptive Sports

Course Descriptions

Northeast Passage staff also serve as guest lecturers in other courses within Recreation Management and Policy and related departments at the University of New Hampshire.

Ongoing Research at Northeast Passage

We believe that community based, goal directed, recreational therapy interventions can play a significant role in new and emerging healthcare models leading to the reduction of healthcare costs and improved quality of life for individuals living with disabilities. While the vast majority of Recreational Therapy programs are housed within larger medical facilities, Northeast Passage is free standing.  This structure allows our therapists to use the full breadth of skills and techniques within the RT scope of practice to maximize a client’s quality of life, investment in personal health, independence and community engagement.  While we do offer a full menu of adapted sports opportunities, our research focuses on the efficacy of our goal based recreational therapy interventions.

Our focus areas include Therapeutic Recreation services in school systems, and 1:1 community based interventions for individuals with acquired physical disabilities and those aging into and with disability.

Published Research Articles Relating to Northeast Passage

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Research Abstracts

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Recent Conference/Poster Presentations

  • Thompson, C., Aytur, S., Bennett, J., Craig, P.J., Wilder, A., & Gravink, J. (2018). The PATH to active living: Promoting Access, Transition, and Health for rural veterans in the home/community environment. Active Living Research Conference, February 11-14, Banff, Canada.
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