Program of the University of New Hampshire

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Northeast Passage is a program of the University of New HampshireCollege of Health & Human ServicesDepartment of Recreation Management & Policy.

Northeast Passage aligns with the College’s vision surrounding healthy living as we work collaboratively to enhance health and improve quality of life outcomes for individuals with disabilities in the region. Most importantly, we provide a unique opportunity to students by offering hands-on, real-world learning experiences through our programs.

Our staff teaches university classes, provides practicum, internship and service learning opportunities; collaborates with faculty to conduct research related to health, quality of life and effective interventions for people with disabilities; provides coaching and training for student athletes with disabilities; works with students with disabilities to solve problems, provide adaptive equipment, accessible recreation experiences, social support and groups to navigate the challenges of college life; works with other campus entities to provide expertise on accessibility, staff training, adaptive equipment and similarity awareness.

Our education and support efforts, as well as administrative costs associated with our on-campus office, are funded by the University of New Hampshire, accounting for approximately one-third of our operating budget.

Northeast Passage is a non-profit 501(c)(3) under UNH and the UNH Foundation.  All official documentation and directors are legally that of the University of New Hampshire. In financial reports Northeast Passage funding is accounted for within all University 990’s and audited financial statements although not referenced separately.  The UNH Board of Trustees and UNH Foundation Board of Directors are legally responsible for the organization.

We are proud to be an example of the University’s commitment to service, education and research. Our affiliation allows us to create life-changing opportunities and innovative solutions for individuals with disabilities in New Hampshire and across the world.