Similarity Awareness

  • Children sitting a circle in a gymnasium

Similarity Awareness provides an integrated opportunity for all students to explore the similarities we share, regardless of ability, through participation in activities and discussion.

Northeast Passage brings wheelchairs and accessories to your school to facilitate and play a variety of familiar and novel games and sports. This experience teaches students to consider that using a wheelchair while playing a sport requires skill and practice and is also challenging, athletic and fun. Program structure will be tailored to meet your school’s needs, interests, and abilities. Similarity Awareness typically requires the use of an indoor basketball court (although we have used cafeterias and multi-purpose rooms!).

All Similarity Awareness programs will begin with various activities to promote discussion and encourage students to begin thinking about the similarities we all share. Following a brief  introduction with activities and discussion the students will have the opportunity to play a game in the wheelchairs.  We will conclude with a discussion based on any new ideas, facts, or questions.

Additional Information:

Rates: $500/day for program staff (presenter) and equipment + round trip mileage to your facility from our office in Durham, N.H (billed at current federal rate). If you are interested in less than a full-day, please reach out to discuss rates.

We have seen the following ideas implemented to offset funding for this program:

  • School Budget (sometimes split across budget lines like Special Education & Physical Education)
  • $5 contribution from students
  • Student-run fundraiser
  • Private donation (from parent or other supporter)
  • Grant Funding

We can accommodate roughly 30 students per hour/class period for active participation. The program is best scheduled and most cost effective in back-to-back blocks. All program options are available for grades K-12 – how this program is made available to your students is up to you, your schedule and budget. We’ve been able to facilitate programs for the entire school population or just one grade level through students’ regular P.E. schedule. Options are available for a single day or week long program.

To schedule a program for your school,  please fill out this Request Form completely or call (603) 862-0070 with questions.