Water Skiing

Water Skiing
Water skiing

Water Skiing Essential Eligibility Criteria

To participate in these events, all participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be able to breathe independently, not require medical devices to sustain breathing.
  • Be able to maintain a closed mouth/lips while under water.
  • Independently hold head upright without neck/head support.
  • Be able to independently turn from face down to face up and remain floating face up while wearing a properly fitted personal flotation device.
  • Get out of a capsized waterski independently, when floating in deep water.
  • Be able to manage personal care independently, or with the assistance of a companion who accompanies you.

Participants must successfully demonstrate the above criteria through a water test prior to their first ski of the season, if they have modified their ski fitting, are trying a new piece of equipment and/or if they have experienced a change in medical status since their previous water test. This program is appropriate for people with disabilities who meet the EEC.

Throughout the summer months, Northeast Passage offers adaptive equipment and staff instruction to support skiers of all abilities. Currently, Northeast Passage hosts weekly skiing at two locations (New Hampshire and Massachusetts.)

The Northeast Passage Waterski Program offers individuals the opportunity to get out on the water. Trained staff and volunteers will help you experience the freedom of carving across the wake or leisurely cruising around the lake while on NEP’s adaptive water skis. The waterski program runs on Tuesday evenings throughout the summer at one of our host sites where individuals can participate in sit-down skiing, stand-up skiing, or tubing.

Adaptive water skiing
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Adaptive water skiing