Wheelchair Lacrosse

Wheelchair Lacrosse

Wheelchair lacrosse is an exciting, fast-paced sport with rules closely aligned to traditional field and box lacrosse. The game is played on a roller hockey rink or hard surface box lacrosse rink with box lacrosse goals measuring 4’ x 4’. Players use sports wheelchairs for mobility, a no-bounce lacrosse ball, and standard lacrosse sticks and protective gear. Gameplay is 8v8 with 1 goalie, 2 defenders, 3 mid-fielders, and 2 attackers per side. Wheelchair Lacrosse USA is the governing body of wheelchair lacrosse in the United States and currently has 13 teams officially registered, including the Northeast Passage Wildcats.

Wheelchair lacrosse is the newest competitive sports program at the Northeast Passage Tucker Center for All Athletes. The NEP wheelchair lacrosse program started with two “Try Wheelchair Lacrosse” clinics in the summer of 2019. After interest in the sport gained momentum with local adaptive athletes, Northeast Passage engaged the WLUSA to facilitate both a coaching and training clinic, as well as a players clinic in the summer of 2021 and officially formed the Northeast Passage Wildcats Wheelchair Lacrosse team.

In 2022, Northeast Passage utilized grant funding to purchase a fleet of specialized wheelchair lacrosse sports chairs and other lacrosse equipment. The Wildcats practiced twice a week through the summer months at the Rochester Arena in Rochester, New Hampshire and attended their first formal competition at the 2022 WLUSA National Tournament in Denver, Colorado. The Wildcats continue to grow and develop as a competitive team in the WLUSA and look forward to more opportunities to compete as the sport grows in the region and across the nation.

New players welcome! Northeast Passage provides equipment and instruction to all new players.